The Critics Agree! “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is a Hit!

Check out these amazing reviews for The Actors’ Group’s production of Ma Rainey’s Black BottomJohn Berger for the Honolulu Pulse writes: ”

With a uniformly talented cast, and excellent direction by Lillian Jones, TAG’s “Ma Rainey” is one of its best productions in the series. It is so good that it almost feels like TAG saved the best for last. It is certainly don’t-miss theater…… If you only have time to see one stage show in Honolulu this month, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” is the one to see.

Hester Lewellen for Hitting the Stage notes how “Ma Rainey Closes TAG’s Wilson Cycle on a High Noteimage004,” adding praise for each of the actors:

Michael Edwards as Cutler, Curtis Duncan as Toledo, and especially Jason Quinn as Levee are exactly the powerful, focused actors one would want for Wilson’s scenes. You can’t take your eyes off them. They each have their tales to tell, one of which is particularly tragic, and this story of a horrible crime and pride in revenge taken has repercussions later when one person reaches a boiling point.

Micki Fine as Ma Rainey comes on like gangbusters, as a diva should, and her singing voice convinces us that she can really sing the blues. Her “companion,” Dussie Mae (played by Katrina McIntosh) walks with a swish that engages every eye. She‘s interested in Levee, but she’s not giving anything out for free, an attitude that is also reflected in one of Ma’s other songs.

Finally, Aleeka Kay Edwards, for Huffpost Hawaii, proclaims that “‘Black Bottom’ Brings Audiences to Their Feet:”

The superlative performances in The Actors’ Group production of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom were so convincing during opening weekend that when Ma Rainey (played by actress Micki Fine) halted the recording session to demand Coca-Cola from her white producer, a theatergoer left his audience seat to hand her his personal soda can.

This is an amazing performance, and there are a few seats still available for Thursday, March the 26th, and Friday, March 27th. Come see this show before it closes! TAG is located at the Brad Powell Theatre. Tickets are available now and can be obtained by going to our web page!

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