Superior Donuts – What’s it all about?!

Superior DonutsSuperior Donuts originally premiered in 2008 at the Steppenwolf Theatre company in Chicago and it went to Broadway in 2009.  Written by the ever talented Tracy Letts, this play tells the story of “Arthur Przybyszewski, a former 1960’s radical, owns a decrepit donut shop in uptown Chicago. Franco Wicks, an energetic black teenager who is his only employee, wants to update the shop with lively music and healthy menu options. This comedy-drama by Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Letts explores the challenges of embracing the past and the redemptive power of friendship. Charles Isherwood of the New York times called the Broadway production ‘a gentle comedy that unfolds like an extended episode of a 1970’s sitcom.'”

Superior Donuts will be running May 8-31, 2015.  Go to or call 808-722-6941 for tickets.  Seats are going fast already!  This should be another great show.

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