Meet the Cast! Kevin Borras as Kevin in TAG’s “Superior Donuts.”

Kevin BorrasThe Actors’ Group is proud to showcase some of Honolulu’s finest talent!  Meet Kevin Borras.  We asked Kevin about his role and working for TAG:
I was drawn to Superior Donuts from beginning while still working in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. I love the atmosphere at TAG. Great, hard working, and dedicated people are part of TAG, and it gives a great sense of home. The tight intimate stage really draws focus into the characters onstage and their story. My character Kevin is a guy who is always planning and thinking. He seems to feel on top of the world and that his boss and mentor, Luther, is his launch pad to get him to where he needs to be in life. Kevin will do whatever it takes to get ahead in the game and does not mind getting his hands dirty in the process. He is super egotistical and cynical. Deep down, he’s just a guy that wants to be noticed.

Superior Donuts will be running May 8-31, 2015.  Go to or call 808-722-6941 for tickets.  Seats are going fast already!  This should be another great show.


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