Meet the cast! J. Edward Murray as Officer James in TAG’s “Superior Donuts”

Edward MurrayThe Actors’ Group is proud to showcase some of Honolulu’s finest talent!  Meet Eddie Murray, James in Superior Donuts!
J. Edward Murray aka Eddie of Kapolei, HI is making his second stage presence with TAG in Superior Donuts.  Eddie played the lead character, Harmond Wilks in the 2014 TAG production of August Wilson’s Radio Golf.  Eddie loves comedies, especially since he is a natural funny guy!  He is the owner of JEM of Events!  Visit his website!  Eddie has been acting and performing for most of his life and plans to continue for rest of his life! Looking forward to future productions having fun on stage!
We asked Eddie about his role of James, and this is what he had to say:
I am playing the role of Chicago Police Officer James.  This Star Treky is really into his job as policeman.  He is sometimes too serious for his own good.  He is a guy who reads the directions on everything and follow them as written.  He will not substitute any parts of it…  He is most relaxed when he is doing anything related to Sci-Fi esp STAR TREK!  He married his wife because it was the “right” thing to do.  If she wasn’t into Star Trek as much as he was, he would not have even looked her way.  They have no kids but rather a “best” friend type of married…  more to come!!!
Superior Donuts will be running May 8-31, 2015.  Go to or call 808-722-6941 for tickets.  Seats are going fast already!  This should be another great show.

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