Meet the Crew! Shannen Lynn McDonald – “Superior Donuts”

Shannen Lynn McDonaldShannen is a new volunteer at The Actors’ Group, and we are very, very happy to have her on board.  Shannen has been helping us get Superior Donuts up and running, by doing a variety of tasks and offering her unwavering support.  We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and why she chose our theatre as a place to volunteer and contribute her time:
Hello my name is Shannen and it is my pleasure to support and join your team at TAG. I’m 21 years old and it is my first time away from home. I lived in Muscle Shoals, Alabama for 19 years until I enlisted in the U.S. army in 2013. I have been performing since I was a little girl and have taken voice lessons for over 12 years now. Back in Alabama, my voice teacher and theater director was Ms. Linda Young and she has taught me everything that I know about theater. I have been in over 15 of her theater workshops that combine all kinds of musicals and songs. I now take voice lessons in Honolulu with Craig Shimizu. Music and theater are my passion and when I ran across TAG on the internet, I was looking to audition for a play, but I saw where you guys needed volunteers and couldn’t help myself. It is a whole different world helping behind the scenes, and I have always wanted to try it all. Being around the powerful talent and family atmosphere at TAG brightens my heart and my soul. Although I have only been here at TAG for a short time, it is home to me.
Thank you Shannen and we are glad you chose this to be your home!
Superior Donuts will be running May 8-31, 2015.  Go to or call 808-722-6941 for tickets.  Seats are going fast already!  This should be another great show.

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