Congrats to the Cast and Crew of “Storefront Chruch”

Playing at TAG: Sep. 4th - 20th
Playing at TAG: Sep. 4th – 20th

As you may have already guessed, TAG has a love affair with John Patrick Shanley, which started with our production of Defiance last year. This year we are starting our season off with his third installment in his trilogy that examines Power, Church and State:  Storefront Church. TAG is happy to announce the cast and crew for the first production of our 2015-2016 season:

  • Director: Kathy Bowers
  • Assistant Director: Barbara Jackson
  • Costume: Chris Valles
  • Lights: Thomas Tochiki
  • Set Construction and Design: Rick “Pops” Crowell
  • Production Manager: Laurie Tanoura
  • Ethan Goldklang will be played by Gerald Altwies
  • Reed Van Druyten will be played by David Starr
  • Jessie Cortez will be played by Mary Ann Shirley-Gray
  • Donaldo Calderon will be played by Eli Foster
  • Chester Kimmich will be played by Vontress Mitchell
  • Tom Raidenberg will be played by Brian Gibson

Storefront Church will run September 4 – 20th at TAG.  Reserve your seats now in our newly renovated theatre, and while you are at it, why not purchase a subscription for this year’s season! Stay tuned for more information about this amazing production.


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