A visit with Eli Foster: Donalodo Calderon in Storefront Church

Eli FosterReacquaint yourself with a familiar face, Eli Foster! 

Aloha Friends! We are off and running with a new season, in a newly renovated theatre.  We are excited to start off this season with Storefront Church by John Patrick Shanley.

Today we are highlighting cast member Eli K.M. Foster, who plays Donalodo Calderon.

Eli, you have shared a lot about your theatre life with us here at TAG, but what about your personal life? 

“I was born in Taos NM. My Father was a Choctaw refugee of the Dust Bowl. My mother’s family is descended from Francisco Vasquez (Coronado) and has inhabited the Taos valley since 1602. I grew up in a multicultural community with a strong art and theater component. I joined the Army in 1987 as an Infantryman. I have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m a retired Paratrooper, Jump-master and Senior Non-commissioned Officer. Currently, will receive my BA in History from UHWO this December.”

Remind our audience, how did you get involved with theatre?

“I was asked by my brother if I wanted to be in a play he was crewing for, I was bored that summer (1973) so I said yes. I ended up playing Yankle in “Fiddler on the Roof” and was hooked for life.”

In Storefront Church, you are playing Donaldo.  What do you think about your character?

“Donaldo is a complex person. He is stereo-typically Latino, hardworking, loyal and plain spoken. His love for his father left regret and a sense that he betrayed the man by not following in his father’s footsteps. He is refreshingly honest in his dealings with people which is at odds with his vocation which is politics. What intrigues me most is that He suspects that his chosen life fits like a cheap suit that itches. He keeps at it because of an overwhelming drive to help the people of his barrio (neighborhood) even though, deep inside, he feels lost.”

Thank you Eli! TAG audiences love you, and we are delighted you are back with us once again.

Learn more about Eli by going to his website at: http://alohaelifoster.wix.com/elifoster

Storefront Church is running from September 4 – 20th, 2015.  Click here to reserve your tickets online or call to make reservations at 808-722-6941. The Actors’ group is located at Dole Cannery Square in Honolulu, HI. 

2014-2015 Fund Drive Campaign
Please don’t forget, TAG is still in the midst of their 2014-2015 Fund Drive Campaign.  Help us reach our $100,000.00 goal! Donate online by clicking this link, or send your tax deductible donation to:

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