Meet the Director of TAG’s Storefront Church: Kathy Bowers

Kathy BowersAloha Friends! We are off and running with a new season, in a newly renovated theatre.  We are excited to start off this season with Storefront Church by John Patrick Shanley.

Today we are highlighting director, Kathy Bowers.

Kathy, you are an important influence to TAG!  You’re the secretary and a board member, you organize the volunteers, and you are a wonderful director. Tell us a little bit more about your personal, everyday life.

I am the 6th of 8 children of the same two parents.  Both parents were accomplished musicians and extremely intelligent people.  They were fortunate that none of us turned out to be normal.  Their three sons and five daughters were all intelligent, musically and artistically talented people. And they all got their mother’s sense of humor! Two of my brothers and one of my sisters have died, but the five of us who remain are still going strong.
Kathy, that is a lot of siblings! I only had one sister, and that was a lot to handle 🙂  Did you ever feel lost among them all?  How did you stand out in that crowd?!
I thought of myself as “different” from my siblings, because most of them had blonde hair, and as a child, I had brown hair.  My sense of drama was well developed by the time I was 6, as I lay under the coffee table in the living room and announced to my mother than it was clear that everyone hated me.  When asked why I thought that, my answer was, “Because my name is Kathy.”
LOL that is funny!  I can see you saying that under the table.  🙂 So, you always had a flair for drama :).  That’s what you studied in college, right?
I am a graduate of Washington State University, where I majored in Theater Education.  I taught middle school and coached the drama club for almost 18 years at Kailua Intermediate School before returning to school at the University of Hawaii`i at Manoa, where I earned my MEd in Educational Administration.  I ended my career with the Department of Education in December 2009, after serving two schools as Vice Principal.  My personality has been forever tainted by having spent so many years with 8th graders!
So, when and how did you get involved with The Actors’ Group?
After retirement, I got involved at TAG, volunteering to help with sets, props and receptions on opening nights.  I was offered the position of Volunteer Coordinator.  Ever enticed by titles, I accepted and began keeping a list of people who expressed even a passing interest in volunteering with our little theatre.  After a couple of years, I was invited to join the Board of Directors and now serve as Secretary.  I continue to herd cats (coordinate volunteers) and directed my first play at TAG–RED– during the 2013-14 season, to excellent reviews.
I understand you now split your time between the Northwest and HI, is that right?
My siblings all live in the Pacific Northwest, where I recently purchased a home.  I spend my time between Spokane, Washington, and the Island of Oahu, where both of my married children and my granddaughter live.
Wow, we are lucky to have you with us Kathy!  What an artistic and adventurous life.  You said you were dramatic at a young age, but how did you get into theatre specifically? 
When I was three years old, my mother got us tickets to a summer theatre program that was doing stage productions of some of the Andersen’s Fairy Tales.  I was mesmerized from the opening curtain through the curtain call.  When I got high school, I had an amazing drama teacher, who inspired me to seek a career that involved the theatre.  Dad insisted that I do it in some venue where I could possibly make a little money, and that’s how I got into theatre education.
I want to talk with you in another post about your directing style, but tell me what it is about why you wanted to direct Storefront Church.  
I love taking the written words of the playwright and turning them into a live theatre experience for both the actors and crew, and the audience.  The production of a play is a living, breathing thing.  As we put it together, the cast & crew learn so much.  I believe theatre is a microcosm of life–everyone has their part to play and is essential to the success of the production.
Is there anything else you would want to share with our audience?
I am an artist and I have a Facebook as Nana’s Noodles for my art.  I also write and I have a Facebook page as Matilda Mattingly for my writing.  I am currently writing a novel, which I also hope to adapt into a play.
Thank you Kathy for all that you do! We look forward to seeing your vision of Storefront Church! 

Storefront Church is running from September 4 – 20th, 2015.  Click here to reserve your tickets online or call to make reservations at 808-722-6941. The Actors’ group is located at Dole Cannery Square in Honolulu, HI. 

2014-2015 Fund Drive Campaign
Please don’t forget, TAG is still in the midst of their 2014-2015 Fund Drive Campaign.  Help us reach our $100,000.00 goal! Donate online by clicking this link, or send your tax deductible donation to:

TAG – The Actors’ Group, 650 Iwilei Rd, Suite 101, Honolulu, HI 96817




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