Meet Vontress Mitchell as Chester Kimmich, The Reverend, in The Storefront Church

Aloha friends, I want to introduce you to Vontress Mitchell who is playing the character of the Reverend Chester Kimmich in TAG’s upcoming production of The Storefront ChurchVontress
I asked Vontress to tell us a bit about himself and his work with TAG.  This is what he had to share with us!
Vontress, I have seen you around town on your bike!  I am a cyclist as well.  Oahu, and Hawaii in general, is great for cycling, don’t you think?
I am smitten with cycling around Oahu. And before you ask, yes I wear a helmet.
HA HA!  Good to hear!  So do I, just for the record. Are there any areas of the Island you like to explore more than others?
I have not been as adventurous in discovering the different areas to ride on this island, I revisit the areas of interest. I never tire of it! I tend to be a homebody at heart but one would not know that by my open spirit. I have a childlike interest in diversity wherever it may dwell. Family is created by the brief interaction with the clerk at the coffee shop, the stranger on the bus, the cat needing a pet, or the tourist in need of directions.
I like your thoughts on family.  My mom used to tell me that “family does not always grow up under the same roof,” and I have found that profoundly true in life, especially with the people I meet in theatre. What brought you to world of theatre?
This spirit of discovery is what brought me to the theatre. I was infected with the bug quite young as a boy acting with the Wichita Children’s Theater. I was a also a member of the choral groups offered at school which fueled my desire to perform. It was not until my early twenties that I took this pursuit to another level with private acting lessons in Boston. This led me to the American Repertory Theatre Institute at Harvard University. Upon graduating, I went to NYC, then LA,  and most recently Dallas.
What wonderful training you have. We are very lucky to have you work with us at TAG.  Which reminds me, what is it about Chester Kimmich in Storefront Church that most captured your imagination?
I find the journey through the eyes of Chester Kimmich in the play much akin to my own. It is rare that a role parallel ones own personal journey. I find this to be the case with this role. I define myself and movements through life much like Reverend Kimmich. On the outside, one can easily be distraught with this process because of the uncertainty it entertains. Much like the vog that ensues the Big Island. However, it is through this eruption that paradise is revealed. This presents a challenge as an actor to be firmly rooted with the Earth. I hope this makes sense.
It does!  Indeed, and talking island metaphors, there is a bit of Pele all around us, that great cycle of destruction and creation that helps us all to grow daily.  It sounds like your character Reverend Chester Kimmich will have a lot to impart to TAG audiences. I am excited to see your work, and I am excited that you are part of our TAG family!
I am so grateful to TAG for the inclusion into their family. The process is congenial and without conflicts. Though none of the acting talent is paid, this does not impede the professionalism and creativity brought to the stage. The spirit of community resides here.
Thank you Vontress for taking the time to talk with us. Folks, do not miss Vontress Mitchell as Reverend Kimmich in Storefront Church! 

Storefront Church is running from September 4 – 20th, 2015.  Click here to reserve your tickets online or call to make reservations at 808-722-6941. The Actors’ group is located at Dole Cannery Square in Honolulu, HI. 

2014-2015 Fund Drive Campaign
Please don’t forget, TAG is still in the midst of their 2014-2015 Fund Drive Campaign.  Help us reach our $100,000.00 goal! Donate online by clicking this link, or send your tax deductible donation to:

TAG – The Actors’ Group, 650 Iwilei Rd, Suite 101, Honolulu, HI 96817




One thought on “Meet Vontress Mitchell as Chester Kimmich, The Reverend, in The Storefront Church

  1. What a pleasure it is to work with Vontress and the rest of this cast! A director couldmN’ t work with a better group of actors. I am happier than a seamstress at Fabric Mart!


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