Meet the Cast: Jeff Juett as John Jones

jeff_juett_024r_8x10Aloha friends of The Actors’ Group. We are all very excited about our upcoming
production of The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno!  We are also excited to introduce two brand new players to the TAG Stage!  First up is Jeff Juett, who will be playing the character of John Jones.  I have had the honor of taking some acting classes with Jeff, and I am delighted he will be joining the TAG family for this production.
Jeff, tell me a bit about yourself:
I grew up active in my community; church leadership, sports and charity programs. After a two-year service mission in Brazil, I studied pre-med and became an arborist. I love the outdoors, rock climbing, free diving, body surfing, people watching or staring at the stars. A few years ago I became interested in film acting, and started seriously studying with local and online acting coaches and teachers. Currently, I am continuously working on film productions, and recently starred in a local short film by Jana Park Moore, ‘The Baby Luau’ which is being entered in to film festivals. However, this is my first stage play, and I am loving it!
So why did you want to do a stage play Jeff?
Since studying acting and working in film I’ve been wanting more and more to be a part of a play. I’ve been told its acting on steroids. But I didn’t know how I could make this huge commitment of time fit into my life. I read The Realistic Joneses and saw that Peggy Anne Sigmund would be directing. I knew that I wanted this and needed to make it work. The journey and learning experience has been wonderful and thrilling.

That is fantastic Jeff!  Now you have done a lot of film work, can you tell us about a memorable experience working in film?

One of the craziest experience while performing was on Jurassic World. I was to work two days as a construction worker where the Endominous Rex escapes. Those two days got stretched into five working days. When the camera was looking out from the holding pen, construction workers would run for their lives and cross out of frame fairly quickly. Except for me, who they put on a back road where I had to sprint in my work boots 300 feet before I was out of frame. They also had another guy in a Jurassic Park ATV that would take off without me.

On the first take, I caught the racing ATV and threw myself into the back. They thought that was dangerous so I couldn’t do that again. Since I was running for my life, I’d run right past the ATV leaving him in the dust. After sprinting for two days straight they turned the camera around and loaded it onto an ATV to look at Chris Pratt running out with the Rex right behind him. It was first thing in the morning. The sun had come up. It was still cold. I was cold and my legs were super sore. And they said I wouldn’t be needed for the first half the day since my route was way behind camera. Then they threw me in at the last minute because they wanted more crossings and they wouldn’t recognize me anyway. So I tried to warm up and then sprinted on action and pulled my right quadriceps and crossed between the speeding camera ATV and Chris. I was then told you’re never supposed to cross between actor and camera, but that the director loved it. They didn’t need so many crossing so they cut some guys. I used the few minutes I had to get my leg to work for the second take. Even with two good legs my crossing is very sensitive and precise. If I was a little off I’d get run over, run into a million dollars of equipment or worse; hurt the actor. On action I nailed the timing of my crossing perfectly and pulled my other quadriceps. They cut everyone else out of the takes but me. They liked my crossing. So the production assistants were feeding me bananas and the medic was rubbing numbing cream on my legs in between each take. We did it another five or six times. You’d hardly notice me flashing across camera in a split second and never imagine the pain and sacrifice it took.

Wow that is an amazing story Jeff and it sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  But let’s turn our talk to The Realistic Joneses. You said this play really spoke to you, why?

This play speaks to me in the sense that we all can relate in our own way with pain and suffering of the characters. The difference in how each handles it is intriguing. And then how that affects the others. And I wonder how things would be different if the characters were paired up differently. How we deal with how unfair life is. There is so much humanity in this play. The depth of the play is mind boggling. After weeks of working on this play, each day I’ll make another discovery of connection between scenes, characters and objects.

It’s uncanny how much I can relate with my character. There is so much that he’d like to share and talk about but he can’t. How he deals with fear. How he has to be strong. Or hide. How he just wants to not be a burden and be loved for who he is.

Thank you Jeff!  Now for the crazy, random question for this cast!  If you have four ducks, five rainbows and 30 raisins, what would you have?

World peace.

Nice!  Thank you so much Jeff or visiting us on our blog. And for the rest of you out there on “the Internets,” as they say, do not miss The Realistic Joneses!

The world needs theatre and TAG needs you!

The Realistic Joneses runs February 26 – March 20th, 2016
Tickets can be purchased on line at or at 808-722-6941


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