Mothers and Sons: Meet Kaleb McMillian

The following interview is part of the ongoing “Meet the Cast and Crew” series for The Actors’ Group.  Rebecca Lea McCarthy conducts interviews with cast and crew of upcoming productions.

Meet Kaleb McMillian

IMG_0396 (1)
Kaleb McMillian as Bud Ogden-Porter

Kaleb McMillian shares the role of Bud Ogden-Porter with Kainoa Kelly.  Kaleb is five years old and attends Saint Mark Lutheran School in Kaneohe. Kaleb has had experience acting in his church plays and singing in his school choir. However, he is extremely excited to be a part of his first production with TAG. He would like to thank Ms. Joyce Maltby-Boroughs and the entire cast of Mothers and Sons for being patient and loving and giving him a chance to be a part of this play.


Hello Kaleb!  it’s good to see you and I am so happy you will be part of this cast!  I know your sister Sophie worked with TAG on the August Wilson project, and we are happy to have you join us as well!  Can you tell me what the most important thing you do when preparing for a show? I need to make sure I am ready by using the potty first and getting something to drink.

I need to make sure I am ready by using the potty first and getting something to drink.

LOL. I am sorry for giggling but you point out a very important, although often overlooked reality about theatre.  We have to be ready, no matter what, and so yes … it is super important to remember to take care of things like going to the bathroom and getting enough water 🙂 I understand that you are still in school but when you are not studying or doing theatre, what do you like to do? I like to play with my toys such as my stuffed animals and I like to watch tv like Pokemon. My favourite Pokemon is

I like to play with my toys such as my stuffed animals and I like to watch tv like Pokemon. My favourite Pokemon is Pikachu.

Pikachu is awesome, my nephew likes him as well.  I put a link to Pikachu’s profile for any of our readers who don’t know who he is.

I am guessing you have learned a lot about theatre in school and in rehearsals; If you had to give one piece of advice to someone interested in what you do in the theatre, what would it be?

Make sure you are able to say your words loud and you can’t talk when the other actors are talking…and you can never interrupt the director!!

Excellent pieces of advice, and I promise you that we all struggle with projecting our voices.  Bud is a very cool character, is there anything about the character or the play that speaks to you personally?

I like the character Bud, he has a good personality. I want to be like him. He has lots of godmothers, godfathers, aunts and uncles like me.

Yes, he has some amazing family members and it is good to be loved.  As much as you like Bud, do you find it challenging to play him?  Or do you find challenges acting this role?

Memorizing all those words is really hard! I just try to think about the words so I can know them better and I practice at home.

Good for you!  Practice make perfect.  You said earlier that you really liked playing Bud, when the audience sees this play, what “truth” do you think the audience will walk away with after seeing this show?

It’s about a boy who has two fathers and tries to get a grandmother. It’s all about family and life.

And what can be better than that?!  Family and life: great topics for a play and I am sure we will all learn something.

Ok, I am going to ask you the crazy question I ask everyone: If you were to visit on Mars and an ancient Martian invited you for dinner, what might be the main meal?

He would give me fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, grapes and chicken.

Those are some nice Martians!  Thank you, Kaleb, for taking the time to talk with me. I can’t wait to see you play Bud!

Friends of TAG, come see Kaleb in Mothers and Sons, you won’t be disappointed.


TAG, you’re it! The world needs theatre and TAG needs you!

Mothers & Sons runs July 8 – 31st. Purchase tickets online at or 808-722-6941

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