Meet the Cast: KC Odell

The following interview is part of the ongoing “Meet the Cast and Crew” series for The Actors’ Group.  Rebecca Lea McCarthy conducts interviews with cast and crew of upcoming productions.

KC Odell as Don Blades

Meet KC Odell who plays Don Blades in The Best Man.


K.C. Odell is thrilled to be doing his first production at TAG theater. He is an experienced actor and improviser with a theater degree from UH Manoa, where he portrayed Macbeth under the direction of his mentor Paul Mitri. More recently, he was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at MVT, Temper, Temper, Tempest and Dromeo and Juliet, two Commedia del Arte productions at HSF ’15, and Improvaganza 10 at MG. This is his first production back on Oahu after spending the winter and spring in Denver, CO. He would like to thank his amazing family and friends for all they’ve done to help him get settled back into the place he loves and calls home these past few months. Mahalo!

Aloha Kc and thank you for taking the time to talk with us today about The Best Man, your work in the show and the current election. I understand you play Don Blades, described as “Joe Cantwell’s campaign manager, loyal and intense.”  Are there any characteristics you share with this character?

We both see things very black and white. We’re not into speculation or paying attention to nonsense. He believes without a doubt that the ends justify the means. I spent the majority of my life thinking this way and it ruined my life for over ten years. It is familiar, but makes me smile when I think back and see how I’ve grown and moved on from this immature way of thinking.

You know, it’s interesting, I find a little bit of myself in every character I play. But I think that’s because human nature itself it’s not entirely unique, but maybe the experiencing of it is unique. The one thing I often find very challenging is the speech patterns of my characters. What do you think about the language in this play, the verbal patterns your character uses?

I do find it unique, but don’t believe it “speaks to me.” [Gore Vidal] has a way of expressing a thought from the end to the beginning which is uncommon. Personally, I find that presumptuous and long winded though.

As I mentioned to your other cast mates, Gore Vidal once proclaimed the following: “Any American who is prepared to run for president should automatically by definition be disqualified from ever doing so.” Do you think this work reflects his beliefs here? Why or why not?

Absolutely this show reflects that view, he builds up these two strong characters with very different views and ethics just to let us watch them crumble down.

And he does so in a very masterful way. But thinking about Gore Vidal’s quote, how about you, would you ever run to be president of the United States?

HAHAHA Absolutely not! If you knew me you’d know not to ask that question.

Of course, politics is in the air, especially the presidential political air, and I’m guessing there are a lot of parallels between The Best Man and what we see every day on our Facebook feeds regarding this election. Do you think there are any comparisons between the show and today’s election?

I feel our production parallels the current political events by including two candidates that cancel each other out completely. *Spoiler alert*Now if only we could have a parallel ending by having them both lose and have Bernie Sanders get elected!

Ha! I think there are many progressives out there would like to see that outcome, possibly a few republicans as well. Come to think of it, such an outcome would make a great sequel to The Best Man. would make a great play. And with that said, I’m curious as to what truth you think our audiences will take away with them after seeing this particular production?

I hope they see that when it comes to politics there is no such thing as “the best man.” It’s my opinion that politicians are severely flawed in nature. Just like every other human being on the planet.

Now, my friend, we come to that moment in our interview where I ask you the bizarre question, the question from left field, which is this: If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a love child, who might that be?

wow, um…. Quentin Tarantino

LOL GREAT!  Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to talk with us KC, and we all look forward to seeing you in The Best Man.

The Best Man is running at TAG September 2 – 25th.

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