TAG, You’re it! Welcome to the Board!


TAG is looking for these Board Members

Correspondence Secretary

Write tax letters when donations come in.  You are provided with all the information and supplies; you just print and mail.


Our outgoing treasurer has simplified the process to make reconciliation as easy as pie.

House Manager/Volunteer Coordinator

The House Manager Volunteer is responsible for the smooth operation of the house, both the lobby and audience seating area, during the run of the show plus the supervision of the volunteers. House managers welcome the public to the theatre and oversee their safety and well-being before, during, and immediately after the show. They answer questions, listen to patrons’ compliments and concerns, and make audience members feel welcome.
Duties include:
  • Recruit & supervise volunteers for the TAG wine bar.
  • Stamp parking tickets for patrons who park in the parking lot.
  • Coordinate opening and closing of the theatre with the current stage manager.
    Work closely with the Box Office Manager to:

–> Inform the stage manager when the house should open and when the performance should start.

–> ICheck to see if there are special seating arrangements to be made.

–> If there are latecomers, and a need to delay the start of the show, the house manager alerts the stage manager, who is managing the production as it happens.

–> If some of the stage action takes place in and around where the audience is seated, the house manager makes sure that the aisles are clear of people’s feet or their belongings.


An idea person who can help facilitate fundraising.

General Volunteers

And we can always use more volunteers to work the wine bar during performances.  The tasks are simple and easy and you can watch the play for free!
If you are interested please email
or visit our
on our website and complete the application.

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