Water by the Spoonful: Interview with Christine Umipeg-Apilado

Christine Umipeg Apilado
Christine Umipeg Apilado as Orangutan in Water by the Spoonful

Aloha Friends of TAG.  It is that time again where we present interviews with those cast members who would like to share a bit about themselves with us.  Today, I am proud to introduce Christine Umipeg-Apilado, who will be playing Orangutan in Water by the Spoonful.

Christine Umipeg-Apilado is ecstatic to be making her theatrical debut at TAG. She enjoyed performing as a dancer, but recently she decided to start acting. She has been taking acting classes at Diamond Head Theatre and Scott Rogers Studios. Christine always a good story, whether it is in the form of a book, movie, photograph or dance piece. She is excited to be part of a great story by acting on stage.
Aloha Christine!  Welcome to TAG and I am excited to hear that you are venturing into the world of acting!  Can you tell our readers what attracted you to doing theatre?
I’ve always loved the performing arts. As a teenager, I had dreams of performing in a Broadway musical. I started dancing my junior year of high school and have a little bit of vocal training (emphasis on a little bit). I finally decided to take acting classes last year. 
I am glad you are making that crossover to theatre.  I am curious, why did you choose Water by The Spoonful as your first theatre experience?
I was attracted to this play because most of the characters are trying to recover from some type of dissonance in their lives and then starting fresh. It’s a story of people hitting rock bottom and still finding hope propelled by the bonds formed through shared experiences.
Yes, it is a powerful story with amazing themes!  But let me ask you about something technical.  The experience of memorizing dance moves and memorizing text is very different. For this show, how are you going about memorizing your lines? 
I take a voice recording of me reading my scenes. I play the recordings on loop when I’m driving, washing dishes, folding laundry or doing other things until my lines become like a song stuck in my head.
Terrific!  I also love using recording devices to help me with my lines.  In this play, Water by the Spoonful, what is it about your character Orangutan that speaks to you personally?
I like being able to play the dichotomy of my character. Orangutan has a tough exterior. She is sarcastic and sometimes just downright mean. But I find that all this is just a defense mechanism she developed to hide a vulnerability. She’s someone who never really quite fit in and always felt like an outcast. She’s just looking for her place in the world and real human connection. I think anyone can relate to that.
Thank you for sharing a bit about your character with us.  I am excited to see this dichotomy played out on stage!  My final question is so we can get to know you a bit more as a person.  When not acting, what do you do?
I’m normally either at the beach, watching movies or binge-watching a series on Amazon or Netflix, reading a book/play/screenplay, hanging out with my husband and my four dogs, or working as a financial coordinator at the Queen’s Transplant Center.
Thank you, Christine, for taking the time to share a bit with us and I am excited to see you on stage for your theater debut.

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